Friday, 21 September 2012

Induction week

On the boat to Mt Edgcumbe
The way that University weeks work here at Plymouth for our department means that, just a day after saying goodbye to one cohort at graduation, the next cohort of first years arrive to start their university journey.

Induction week is packed full of things to do for our new students and is a mix of serious activities and admin as well as some more fun activities (quizzes, days out, drinks receptions....).

Today marked the annual outing to Mt Edgcumbe on the Cornish side of the Tamar. Many thanks to Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park for giving us permission to go there and do our surveys.

There, we organised activities for groups of students based around the OPAL surveys.

Conservation Biology students monitoring water quality by looking at invertebrates present in the pond

Biological Sciences students monitoring soil

The interminable wait for water and mustard to drain into a worm pit
Identifying leaf litter invertebrates in a patch of woodland.
Sorting through the leaf litter.
Mt Edgcumbe is also the location of the Edgcumbe Arms so, after the activities, we were able to enjoy lunch and a beer with our new students before the hard work starts next week!

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