Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Azores Day 4

As well as work in the field, we do some work in the lab on this field course and today was the first of our lab days. This is only possible thanks to the kind hospitality offered to us by the biology department here at the Univesidade dos A├žores

The two lab activities that we do are based around the work on the first day. Firstly, we look at the potential for pesticide resistance due to over use of deltamethrin in Pseudaletia caterpillars using an esterase protocol.

John Moody demonstrating our portable spectrophotometers, and one of the groups following the protocol.

Secondly we look for both Cyanobacteria and E. coli/Enterococcus in the lake and bathing water we collected on Sunday/Monday. 

Checking the samples under the microscope and identifying key organisms.

The University campus offers a nice setting for lunch!

John "Comedy Grandad" Moody scientifically testing the
consistency of upside-down rice pudding!

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