Monday, 18 February 2013

BSc Conservation Biology - entry in 2013

The latest pdf guide to the BSc Conservation Biology course is now available. You can download it from here. It is aimed at students who are thinking about starting the course in September 2013.

Important note for students planning to join us in September 2014
An updated version will be available after September 2013 for those students who are planning to join us in September 2014. We cannot guarantee all the details in the document attached here will still be valid in a year from now. So, although you can use this current document to give you an idea of what the course will be like, make sure you check our website nearer the time. You will also be able to download the 2014 version once we have published it here.

Here is the document. you can read it directly here if you want, or else click on the "BSc Conservation Biology Booklet" link to download a copy to keep on your computer or reading device.

This document has now been removed. A newer version is now available here.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Science in the Arts and Media

This is a series of talks that examines the relationship between biology, the media and the arts. Previous talks have had Nick baker discuss the role of the presenter in communicating science to a wider audiences. Rebecca Stott (author of Ghost Walk and the Coral Thief) examined the role of the author in translating the history of science into fiction. While professor Nicky Clayton talked of how her research on corvid behaviours coupled with her passion for the tango led her to work with Ballet Rambert to develop a contemporary ballet based on the works of Charles Darwin.
This latest series will examine in detail how science and television interact. The natural history programs that we all love are fabulous spectacles which bring some of the biospheres most intriguing stories right  into our living rooms but how is this accomplished.