Thursday, 18 September 2014

Devon Wildlife Trust Placements, August 2014

by Daniel Hosking, Jordan Holmes and Hayley Partridge
BSc Conservation Biology

In August, our intrepid team of biologists have been finishing off their soil sampling (started last month), and surveying hedgerows, bats, moths, freshwater invertebrates, marsh fritillary larvae. At the Okehampton country show, they explained to farmers and other members of the public how Devon Wildlife Trust can help with conservation work, and started collcting information on potential new County Wildlife Sites. Finally, they have been seed harvesting to improve plant diversity of meadows next year.

Devon Wildlife Trust Placements, July 2014

by Hayley Partridge, Jordan Holmes and Daniel Hosking
BSc Conservation Biology

Here's the next instalment from our three placement students working with Devon Wildlife Trust. In July, they carried out vegetation, hedgerow, bat and river invertebrate surveys, and took soil samples associated with key butterfly host plants. They also took part in events with the general public, for educational purposes and raising awareness about conservation efforts in North Devon.