Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Devon Wildlife Trust Placement – July 2016

Golden-ringed dragonfly spotted on
an Unconfirmed County Wildlife Site
survey. Photo by Harry Shadwell.

by Amber Connett & Harry Shadwell

This week concludes the end of our second month at the Devon Wildlife Trust – and it has been a busy one! At the beginning of the month we had our official induction at the main DWT office in Exeter. This was a two day induction where we were shown all different aspects of the company and how they work, along with a tour of the office grounds which also happens to be the last water mill in Exeter. We also met three other placement students, one working on Environmental Education and Communications, and the other two working with the Practical Conservation team. 

Also this month, we have been continuing our Unconfirmed County Wildlife Site surveys and working on our plant identification. These surveys have helped us build our identification skills very quickly; we even managed to identify 65 plant species on one survey!