Saturday, 10 August 2013

Spotlight on Conservation Biology

Our Conservation Biology degree does exactly what it says on the tin! From a theoretical basis in the science of biodiversity and biology the course teaches you about how we can help to conserve and maintain biodiversity on the planet from conserving species threatened with extinction to managing and restoring ecosystems for biodiversity. Plymouth is in an excellent position geographically and we make use of the wide range of natural laboratories on our doorstep as well as our excellent teaching laboratories and facilities. Click here to get much more information on the course starting in September 2013.

You will gain expertise in organism identification, population ecology and genetics, evolution, habitat management and behavioral ecology from experts in their fields. These skills will allow you to carry on into jobs such as environmental management, conservation, ecology, habitat and reserve management and environmental monitoring.

To help you with this, the course features two overseas, residential field courses. In the first year you will go to southern Spain while in the second year you will go to Mexico. The exercises on the field courses are designed to give you a taster of what working in conservation is like and to make sure you have the skills to go and do just that.

This degree has very strong links with local and international conservation organisations and zoos so you get to hear from those doing the job exactly what it entails and what it is like.

Mangroves in Mexico

Community sawmill - Mexico

Mahogany plantation - Mexico
Click here to get much more information on the course starting in September 2013.

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