Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Adventurous Dining - Entomophagy

For those of you who fancy a slightly different dining experience, Peter Gorton (of Gorton’s restaurant in Tavistock) is offering University staff a chance to sample a range of tropical dishes with an entomological flavour. He has devised a four course meal in which UK farmed insects appear in every course. In some courses the insects will be evident and others they will provide a culinary background.

Peter is offering a discount to University staff so the cost would be £25.00 / head as against £35.00 to the public.  If you would like to come along please make a reservation by calling the number below.

Thursday August 22nd – Crunchy Cuisine and Tasty Tales Evening
An opportunity to try some of the more exotic foods that are eaten around the tropics.  The evening will comprise of a four course meal, a pre-dinner drink and a short talk by Peter Smithers a Fellow of the Royal Entomologist Society from Plymouth University.
£35 per person

For more info please contact us: 01822 617581

If you like the idea of entomophagy, this page provides recipes!

House Cricket - Acheta domestica

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