Monday, 22 April 2013

Slapton Field Course - Student View

Field course attendee Jodie Thompson on the fieldcourse from a student perspective:

"As a student who has already visited the Slapton Ley Field Centre as part of A-Level Biology, this second trip has by far surpassed the first. The activities we participated in were much more fun than say looking at the effects of trampling on plants. I never quite realised how many species of birds looked extremely similar so identifying them was somewhat difficult, especially if they were flying away really fast! Invertebrates were also not so easy to always identify as sometimes we could only go as far as the order name. The weather for the most part stayed either sunny or overcast so that certainly raised our spirits out in the field! Although admittedly going to Down Farm on the first day dampened our high spirits due to the bitter cold, our hands almost felt like they had been frostbitten! I’ll never say my hands are cold in such vain again... Some of my highlights of the field course were visiting Prawle, the woodland area, going bat watching, constant pranks in the Mercer Ground Floor corridor due to no lecturers being present [responsible adults and all that - Ed.] and most importantly getting to know my course mates a lot better. I think we’ve become a much closer stage group through this trip and that’s definitely a positive. If future students read this, you should look forward to the trip but definitely be prepared in terms of different weather conditions and as Sarah says, “bring a sense of humour with you!”

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