Monday, 22 April 2013

Fundamentals of Ecology Days 3 and 4

The last two field days were spent around Slapton Ley itself looking at the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on the fauna. The Ley is a really good place to study this as at one end, there is the town of Torcross where Ducks are fed and used to people while the other end is closed to all except for a handful of researchers. Likewise, some of the woodland is open access while other parts are closed. This allowed us to look at how the fauna both reacts to people and at the distribution of mammal, birds and invertebrates around these contrasting environments. The final day consisted of group presentations on an aspect of the field course and the identification spot test before returning to Plymouth!

Feeding the ducks at Torcross

Identifying Invertebrates

Partial group photo

The Ley

Scanning the Ley

The sun came out at least!

The group at the field centre

Tufted Duck on the Ley
  (all photos copyright of Jodie Thompson)

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