Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Graduation and prize winners

Monday saw our annual graduation ceremony and lots of the staff looking uncomfortable in unfamiliar attire that last saw the light of day exactly one year before! We were there to celebrate the achievements of our graduating students including some of the prize winners. Some photos of the prize winners and amusing staff photos are below:

Assembled academics

Not all of whom wanted to be photographed.....

Gowns just look good on some people...... pity I didn't find any examples to take photos of though!
School of Biomedical and Biological Sciences Prize for Achievement in Biological Sciences – Christopher Batey with Mairi Knight

Society of Biology Prize for the Best Aggregate Performance – Sean Kelly with Christine Fry (L) from the Society of Biology and Mairi Knight (R), our head of school

Eden Prize for the Best Plant-themed Honours Project – Linda Mingay with John "Gandalf" Moody

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare Prize for the Best Animal Behaviour and Welfare Student – Jennifer Grigg with Sarah Collins (L) and her spiky hat.

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