Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Leopard study featured in journal podcast

Journal of ZoologyEvery few months, the Journal of Zoology selects a few papers published in the journal and interviews the authors for a podcast. The latest podcast features one of our students, Ross Pitman, talking about his study of leopard predation (featured in an earlier blog entry). The paper was published in the journal in November 2012, and was based on his final-year project for the BSc Conservation Biology course. Ross co-wrote the paper with Lourens Swanepoel (University of Pretoria) and me. You can listen to the podcast here. The interview with Ross runs from about 27 minutes and 30 seconds into the podcast, and lasts around 11 minutes.

You might also be interested in listening to some of the other interviews. On the podcast, Elina Rantanen talks to the authors of the following papers:

Assessing behavioural and morphological responses of frog tadpoles to temporal variability in predation risk
T. J. Hossie, D. L. Murray
Interview with Thomas Hossie

Vocal expression of emotions in mammals: mechanisms of production and evidence
E. F. Briefer
Interview with Elodie Briefer

Predictive modelling of leopard predation using contextual Global Positioning System cluster analysis
R. T. Pitman, L. H. Swanepoel, P. M. Ramsay
Interview with Ross Pitman

Provisioning call by mothers of a subsocial shield bug
S. Nomakuchi, T. Yanagi, N. Baba, A. Takahira, M. Hironaka, L. Filippi
Interview with Lisa Filippi

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