Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Life after Uni. What is it like to work as a biologist?

In just a few years you will be looking for work in the wider world.  While some jobs may appeal to you, do you really know what they entail? These talks give an insight into what’s involved in some of the various jobs that biologist can do. We have three lined up so far, with more to come in the new year:
Working in zoos
Conservation with Natural England
Plankton biology at SAFOS

To come we have:
Nature conservation with city councils
Natural history curators in city museums

Life in a field centre
Life as a university technician

Hospital pathology labs


Life's a zoo
Careers in Zoological Gardens
Michelle Bales, Tracey Hamston & Mike Bungard from Paignton zoo 
will discuss their roles and describe their working day as;
Zoo education officer
Zoo Conservation officer
Keeper of lower vertebrates and invertebrates
November 22nd @ 2.00pm
Scott 001

Maintaining Our Green And Pleasant Land
Working for Natural England
Roger Covey
Principal Marine Specialist for Natural England
12-1 Tues 27th Nov – Babbage 410

A Drifters View Of Ocean Life.
Working as a plankton biologist
Clair Buckland
12-1 Tues 4th Dec
 Roland Levinsky 206/207

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